Golf Tour SUR in English

Golf Tour SUR in English - TOURNAMENT RULES

The SUR IN ENGLISH GOLF TOUR will be ruled by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation rules and the local rules decided by the Competition Committee and also the local rules of each golf course that hosts the golf tour.

Players: Amateur players with licence from the Royal Spanish Golf Federation. For foreigners the organisation can ask for handicap certificate from the home golf club.

Mode: Individual Stableford. Preferred lie. GPS and laser only distance devices allowed.

Format: The golf tour will have four independent tournaments and a grand final.

Qualification for the grand final: The first six qualified players of each category, in each tournament, will receive an invitation to play in the grand final.

Tournament Committee: The members will be designated by each golf club that hosts the tournament and the organization. This committee will solve any issues that may arise during the tournament. The organization reserves the right to change the rules, in order to ensure the correct progress of the tournament.

Registration: Will be made through the DIARIO SUR website ( Registration fees will be paid in each golf club the same day of the tournament. All players must comply with the cancelation policy. The organisation has the right to admit or not a player. Sending the registration form does not mean automatic entry in the tournament.

Tees: Red for Ladies and yellow for Gentlemen.

Score cards with same results: Rules established  by the Royal Spanish Golf Federation in the rules book.

Categories: Players will be divided in two categories, according to their handicap. Handicap IS LIMITED to 26.4 according to the RFEG rules. All players with a higher handicap will play with it limited to 26.4.

Handicap: The handicap that appears in the Royal Spanish Golf Federation the day before the tournament. Giving a false handicap to the organization could mean the disqualification of the player.

Etiquette: It is not allowed to wear jeans, T-shirts without collar or without sleeves. Footwear must be specific golf shoes. Some golf courses may not allow spikes.

Behaviour on the course: In order to maintain the courses in the best conditions for all players, divots must be repaired. Players must also rake the bunkers and repair ball marks on the greens. To avoid slow play, any player that has no chance to obtain any point in a hole must pick up the ball.

Marshalls and organization staff: Not following the marshalls' or the tournament staff's indications could mean the disqualification. If a player is disqualified he may play all the four days but out of the competition.

Prizes: The first three players of each category handicap will receive a trophy and prize in each tournament of the golf tour. The first six players, per tournament, in each category will be invited to play in the grand final.

Prize giving: It will take place at the end of each tournament and there will be a draw among the players with no prize in the tournament. After the grand final will take place the prize giving of the SUR IN ENGLISH GOLF TOUR and a draw for those players with no prize in the tournament.


Any other issue not included in these rules will be solved by the Competition Committee. These rules could be changed by the organization.

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Costa del Golf Sur in English
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